eSun 1.75mm ePLA-Silk Magic Dual-Color Red/Blue Filament - 1kg Spool


eSun’s Silk-Magic extrudes 2 colors into your model - at the same time!

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Weird. Who thinks it'd be a good idea to extrude 2 colors at once? I mean, what sort of maniac would want to put brain-melting effort into extruding a filament that is half one-color, and half the other?! That's like.. extruding two flavors of ice-cream at the same ti... waitaminute - I think I know where eSun got the idea for their Silk-Magic dual-color filament!

It's pretty impressive actually. You'd think that a split-color filament would schmoosh together in the nozzle, but the viscosity of the plastic just makes it get thinner, just like how candy-makers pull candy-canes into multi-colored strands. The end result is that your printed model changes color depending on how it's rotated. It's really a surreal effect, especially with the metallics.

eSun is a top supplier of 3D printer filament, and we're happy to be carrying their inventory. They are not some fly-by-night operation; eSun is an active part of the 3D printer community, and you'll often see them represented at Maker Faires and 3D Printer Expos. We've even been to their labs at the Shenzhen University grounds where they develop and test their product. They take excellent care with their production methods, and each spool comes vacuum sealed in a pouch with moisture-absorbing desiccant.

In short, eSun knows their stuff. We're extremely happy with the quality and consistency of their material.


  • 100% Biodegradable.
  • Side-by-side dual-colored Blue/Red filament


  • Base chemistry: polylactic acid biodegradable thermoplastic
  • Elongation at Break: 5%.
  • Izod impact Strength (receiving a sharp blow): 4.2KJ/M2
  • 1.75mm nominal diameter (spec'd +/- 0.05, but is in practice closer to +/- 0.03)
  • 1kg spools on transparent LARGE diameter (easy unspooling) reels, vacuum sealed with desiccant
  • Suggested build parameters:
    • Print temperature 190-210℃
    • Base temperature: 0/65 °C
    • Feed speed: 30-90mm/s
    • Idling speed: 90-150mm/s



Additional information

Weight 1.455 kg
Dimensions 20.5 × 20.5 × 7.5 cm






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