Creality CR10 Smart Pro 3D Printer


Next-level Creality Printing, with a 300x300x300mm Bed, Touchscreen, and Autoleveling!

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This next iteration of the trusted CR10 line of Creality 3D printers is the CR10 Smart Pro. Besides the niceties of an all-in-one base and touch-screen interface, it now brings video-monitoring and ethernet connectivity. Details? More details? OKAY, here they are:

  • Creality CR-Touch probe automatic bed leveling
  • PEI textured magnetic flexible stainless-steel print bed for easy "pop" vs tedious "pry" model removal
  • Included camera and LED strip illumination (for monitoring print jobs via the app)
  • 4.3" touch-screen interface
  • Streamlined simple cabling (an excellent assembly improvement)
  • WLAN/LAN/Bluetooth/SD-card connectivity
  • Diagonal brace rods for large-print "ringing"-effect suppression


  • 300x300x400mm build volume
  • 0.4mm nozzle included
  • All-metal Sprite direct-drive hotend
  • 300°C (572°F) maximum nozzle temperature
  • 100°C (212°F) maximum heated bed temperature
  • 1.75mm diameter filament compatible


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Weight 17.5 kg
Dimensions 64.5 × 53 × 33.5 cm


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