Arduino Sumovore Bundle


Throw this bundle together to have one of the first Arduino-compatible Mini-Sumo kits out there. Get your trusty soldering iron out, build the Sumovore and Sumoshield Kits, then toss the Arduino on top, program it with the supplied code, and watch the Sumo/Line-following madness ensue.



Have you every imagined an Arduino shield more ridiculous than the googly eye shield? Well, the Sumoshield has the potential, with this bundle you can take an Arduino and place a Sumovore on top of it. As a result, you'll have a Sumovore that can spin its wheels in the air, yay so awesome! Wait a second, what if you flipped it UPSIDE DOWN!!!! Maybe we should have called it the Sumo-inversion bundle or something clever like that, oh well, too late.

The SumoShield Kit adapts an Arduino, Freeduino, or PICAXE Shield Base to our venerable Sumovore Mini-Sumo kit. Now you can leverage the power of open source to the world of Mini-sumo! We have provided Arduino 1.0 example code (under the Resources tab) that allows the robot to do either mini-sumo or line-following behaviors. If you have Arduino-0022 or earlier, just change the file type from ".ino" to ".pde" and all will be fine.

With the code, you can place the Arduino+SumoShield+Sumovore together onto a dark surface or keep in the air to activate Sumo mode after a 5-second delay or you can place it on a high reflective surface (silver or white) to have it enter line-following mode right away after power up or reset.

If you're just looking for an Arduino Robot kit for general purposes, well this kit is great for that too! You can use the Sumovore to avoid obstacles with its front object detection sensors and it can avoid drops with its line detection sensors at the bottom-front of the robot.

You can even program the Arduino well it's installed on the Sumo, just turn the Sumovore motor enable switch off so the bot doesn't try to take off on you while you are trying to program it.

Bundle Includes

Note: For your convenience, the SumoShield kit comes with the Male headers press-fit into the PCB, but please be aware that you will still have to solder these pins to make a good connection.

Additional information

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Dimensions 0.999 × 0.999 × 0.999 cm


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