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The Ardweeny Prototype Pack gives you the ability to get your Ardweeny project figured out before you make the giant leap of soldering it all together for it's final presentation. Think of this pack as the scrimmage before the big game!

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Looking to do a little bit of Arduino prototyping and need all the space you can get, the Ardweeny Prototype Pack may be your solution. The Ardweeny is a very small form factor Arduino-compatible device, perhaps one of the smallest, and it only takes up the space of the microcontroller itself on your breadboard. The Ardweeny is bundled with an FTDI adapter board, Breadboard Voltage Regulator Kit (BVR), and a single panel Breadboard for prototyping your Arduino projects before you decide to make a permanent install.

Ardweeny Features

  • Fully Arduino-compatible! (Select "UNO" when programming)
  • Stacks onto the back of an ATmega328 chip (included)
  • Takes same 28-pin footprint as the microcontroller itself!
  • Features Pin-13 LED and reset button
  • Simple construction - only 7 parts plus pins & PCB!
  • Ideal for breadboard applications

TTLyFTDI Features

  • DTR
  • Rx
  • Tx
  • V(5V)
  • CTS
  • GND
  • Resettable Thermal Fuse to protect USB line
  • Power LED and RX/TX Status LEDs
  • Right angle 6-pin female header (no assembled)
  • 3.3V selectable bypass trace on the back of PCB

BVR Features

  • +5V Regulator on board capable of delivering 500mA
  • 2.1mm Barrel jack compatible
  • Provides regulated power on both power rails on the breadboard
  • Switch included to turn power off but to leave your supply plugged in

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Pack Includes:

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