AxiDraw MiniKit


AxiDraw MiniKit - Pen-drawing AxiDraw functionality with a smaller footprint and in kit form!

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Following in the footsteps of the original AxiDraw, the AxiDraw Mini functions much the same, but with the following exceptions:

  • It's a kit. It's made with excellent quality materials & documentation, so putting it together yourself saves you some money and gives you a fun afternoon putting it together yourself
  • It's smaller. It draws on a smaller 150x100mm (~6x4") footprint, and is more compact, storable, and transportable than a standard AxiDraw.

Other than that, you use the same software and methodologies as with the full-size AxiDraw. That means it still is cross-platform compatible using Inkscape on Windows, Mac or Linux.

The Kit Includes:

  • All the parts to construct the AxiDraw MiniKit writing and drawing machine.
  • Universal power supply, with North-American style plug
  • USB cable
  • Small Easel & clips

Tools Required:

  • Scissors / diagonal cutters
  • Small Phillips head screwdrivers (sizes #0 & #1)
  • Small flat-head screwdriver (2mm, or 5/64")
  • Recommended: Miniature pliers
  • Recommended: Small hobby knife



  • Performance
    • Usable pen travel: 160x101mm (6.3x4")
    • Vertical pen travel: 17mm (0.7")
    • Maximum XY travel speed: 30cm/s (10"/s)
    • Native XY resolution: 80 steps per mm (2032 steps per inch)
    • XY Reproducibility: Typically better than 0.1mm (0.005") at low speed
  • Physical
    • Overall Dimensions: 36 x 23.5 x 11cm (14.25x9.25x4.25")
    • Footprint: 35x4.5cm (13.5x1.7")
    • Mass: 1.2kg (2.7lbs)
    • Shipping mass: 1.8kg (4lb)
    • Pen accommodation: up to 16mm (5/8") ∅, 25grams
  • Software
    • Windows, Mac, Linux
    • Inkscape host software with AxiDraw extension
    • Python API
    • Stand-alone command-line interface
    • RESTful API
    • Simplified "GET-only" API



Additional information

Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 34 × 25 × 6 cm


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