Grove - Starter Kit for Arduino


No doubt the simplest and most flexible no-soldering way to start hacking with Arduino.

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Coming from an "old-school" hacking ethic, we're used to hand-soldering parts and wires together to make our projects. But after using the Grove system for a while, it's proving itself to be an attractive alternative for quick prototyping and experimentation, without needing to reach for the soldering iron.

Grove System Features

  • Universal solder-free 4-wire plug standard for all devices
  • Well labeled and easily understood Arduino-compatible host shield
  • A LARGE assortment of input and output modules
  • Clever nesting form factor for easy panel mounting

This product is the Starter Kit for Arduino, where a base-shield and an assortment of the essential modules have been put together in a tidy package. It's a bargain in time-savings, wiring-complexity, and simple WOW factor. You'll have your circuit wired up correctly, quickly. There is a huge peace-of-mind knowing that you don't have to worry about a wiring mistake while you are debugging your code. It's a fabulous system for working with Arduino-compatible microcontrollers.

Grove Starter Kit for Arduino Contents

  • Arduino-compatible Base Shield
  • LCD RGB Backlight
  • Grove Smart Relay
  • Grove Buzzer
  • Grove Sound Sensor
  • Grove Touch Sensor
  • Grove Rotary Angle Sensor
  • Grove Temperature Sensor
  • Grove LED
  • Grove Light Sensor
  • Grove Button
  • LED assortment (Blue, Red and Green)
  • Mini Servo
  • Grove interface Cables
  • 9V to Barrel Jack Adapter
  • Grove starter kit Manual
  • Green Plastic Box



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