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Dave Hrynkiw
March 20, 2010

Well, it's been a few weeks since the last update. We have a few big projects on the burner - we're not quite ready to make any announcements yet, but keep your eyes open in the next few months.

Maker's NotebookBut don't fret - there are some things we can share with you this week. For instance, we've just brought in two new books from Make:

  • Make: Electronics - Learn basic components and principles through "learn by discovery" experiments
  • Maker's Notebook - 150 pages of engineering graph paper, helpful information/charts, and stickers

But wait, there's more!

Rudy, one of our most excellent interns, has made an Intructables for upgrading an Ardweeny with socket headers and stronger pins. Check it out here!


July 7, 2005
Tilden in the Globe & Mail

Relayed from my good friend ScottyDogma, here's a link to an article In the July 4th Globe and Mail Newpaper regarding "10 Things Canada Does Best" (this is point #8 - Robotics). Whodathunk? Not me...

October 20, 2003
NAIT Robot Challenge

Solarbotics went up to Edmonton, Alberta this last weekend to help out with the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology's Sumovore Mini-Sumo workshop/Robot Challenge/Open House, and to show off our wares. Give it a visit! Yes, yes, the Sumovore will be on sale for the first time tomorrow!

January 4, 2016
Monday New Product: Filament & Tiny...

#4-40x1/2in Yellow Zinc Standoff, M/M, 1/4in threaded ends $0.50 #4-40 x 1/2" yellow zinc coated (chromate) steel standoff. IR Reflector sensor with leads $1.00 Reflective optical sensor with transistor output. 44mm Piezo Speaker $2.25 For making a LOUD beep, this piezo suits your need. Comes mounted in a plastic case with mounting tabs. Maxell LR44 […]

August 4, 2006
Heritage Day Monday

Monday is Heritage Day here in Alberta, Canada, so we will all be out Heritage-ing it up, and enjoying our all too short summer. So if you want to go all Heritage on BEAM, and buy a SolarRoller kit, we'll ship it to you when we are back in the office Tuesday!

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